Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Cá – phác thảo của đinhtrườnggiang

cá phơi xác. trắng trên bờ biển.
đi về đâu
sao tấp lại, biển Việt Nam
đói khổ. thiếu ăn
dầm mình, trong oan nghiệt
chết hằng ngàn
chết vội vàng...
không cả, oán than.

năm mươi người con
theo Âu Cơ xuống biển.
kiếp luân hồi
trôi dạt về đâu.

a school of fish were swimming in the deep sea
going around...
what do they see
the islands are named Hoàng Sa and Trường Sa*
look like. there might be war.
they try to go far...
it was not too far...
they, then reach Vietnam.

what do they see
the beaches are so pretty.
pure white sand is sparkling by the sea
water is blue, land is beautiful, sky is silky clear.
faster, they hurry to be there
couldn't breathe, as they are near.
poison is here...
they couldn't  turn around.
oh, dear!

what do we see.
blurry can we see.
many fish are going nowhere
just laying there
waiting to die...
they all look whiter than the sparkling sand
silvery white
under the sun
once, they admired.

* Hoàng Sa and Trường Sa, two islands of Vietnam. Recently, China claimed the islands belong to China.
June 7, 2016.

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